Headlamp Restoration

The acrylic / polycarbonate headlamp lenses that are common on newer vehicles are protected from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays by a high-tech coating that is kind of like a sunscreen for your headlamps. Over time this UV coating develops a layer of oil, road grime and other airborne contaminants that is cooked onto the lenses from the heat of the lights, making your headlamps appear cloudy or foggy.

While you want your headlamps to look great, their outward appearance pales in comparison to their effectiveness. Clouded or foggy headlamps produce a broad, dull beam of light rather than the sharp, clear beam you experienced when your car was new. Studies show that most of us lose 30% of our vision and depth perception at night, so having sharp, clear headlamps isn’t just about looking good, it’s about staying safe.

Before you replace those expensive headlamps, ask Sherman Collision Repair about our headlamp restoration service. Our skilled technicians can eliminate years of damage by polishing your lenses with a series of detailing compounds. You won’t believe the difference until you see it with your own eyes.